NEW data plans for the European summer season 2021

NEW data plans for the European summer season 2021

With COVID restrictions putting most of the world at a standstill for a year, it was no surprise that with restrictions lifting the yachting industry would be ready and raring to go as soon as possible. Looking to set sail, Captains and ETO’s are looking for mobile data plans to suit their individual requirements. Our years of experience within the industry has highlighted the enormous variety of usage patterns between vessels.

Bearing this in mind we have put together a variety of plans to suit the needs of every size of vessel, usage pattern and itinerary.

“With our new solutions for summer 2021, everyone will be able to find a plan to fit their needs” Matthew Parnell, Sales Manager, RoamingExpert.

With the opening up of the Tampnet network in the North Sea, along with increased costs for using any sims in an unsupported country, it is imperative that, this year, any sims are locked down so they cannot connect to a network which could produce excessive costs. All our plans this year guarantee that they cannot be used outside our supported country lists and are safe and secure.

On offer are three tariffs; Premium, Unlimited and Small Vessel. All these plans have been approved by the carrier networks and, as such, provide the security and peace of mind that the plans will not stop mid-season.

Premium Plans provide access to the highest speeds for your vessel’s internet solution anywhere on the European med coast, with every 4G/LTE network available. A totally flexible tariff, which you only pay for the data you use and avoid bill shock. On request, this plan can also cover Turkey, Montenegro and Albania at no extra charge.

Unlimited Plans are truly unlimited and provide data throughout the EU/UK with no throttling guaranteed. Multiple 4G networks are available in every country.

Small Vessel Plans are affordable solutions for smaller yachts or low data users. There is at least one 4G network available in every country in the EU / UK.

All plans offered are flexible on month-to-month contracts.

We are an accredited Pepwave Partner and SpeedFusion specialist enabling us to offer a great choice of hardware solutions for all sizes of vessels (including Pepwave, Teltonika and Ubiquiti). SpeedFusion hosting with clean UK Ips which are not blocked by streaming services are available.

Please get in touch for full tariff information.

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