About us

Our team of experts are skilled experienced and dedicated to customer service.

With over 15 years’ of industry experience within the telecoms market, we have used our knowledge to build mobile roaming tariffs tailored to the specific needs of the yachting industry.

About Us

Due to the seasonal nature of many yacht itineraries, we understand the need for flexible roaming solutions. Our unique offering generates significant savings when compared to standard network charges.


Our inclusive Global tariffs can incorporate either voice & data or data only solutions and can be altered on a monthly basis to reflect your cruising grounds and itinerary. Bespoke worldwide and country-specific solutions are available upon request.


As our customer, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:


  • One Provider – All your mobile requirements will be handled by us, whether that is a question regarding usage in a particular destination, technical assistance or an additional connection.
  • Flexible Billing – Invoices can be tailored to your requirements, be this: multiple yachts on one invoice; multiple solutions on one invoice or individual invoices.
  • Our Portal – Our online portal allows you to view your call data and invoices. Access to this service can be set at multiple levels so a management company can view the yachts they look after or a Captain can view their own usage.
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