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At RoamingExpert customer satisfaction is our main priority, whilst making sure your roaming needs are met while sailing. To prove we are the best provider and aim to make our customers happy, we decided to ask a couple of opinions from our existing customers:

“We began using RoamingExpert in 2015 as a support service to our existing VSAT connection, due to the nature of our cruising schedule we began to rely on it to a greater extent than our VSAT. Generally the speed is significantly quicker than the VSAT and the data bundles are generous. On the rare occasions when we’ve experienced interruption to the service the technical support from RoamingExpert has got us back online in no time. I thoroughly recommend their service.”
Phil Gowing
Captain – M/Y The Mercy Boys

“I have only good things to say about RoamingExpert and their product. I have worked with RoamingExpert SIM cards for over a year now and have found them easy to use and headache free. Guests have immediately noticed the difference in Internet speed they make. I really appreciate the flawless change between different networks and Countries and the fact that I do not have to buy new SIM cards in every Country we go to. Our Internet Usage has grown to over 300GB per month in the season and it would be very difficult to cover the demand with traditional SIM cards. I have had great experience and instant support from RoamingExpert’s support team. Thank you for all your help.”
Janusz Walinski
Captain – M/Y Roma

“After several years of frustration, countless hours queuing in numerous countries and purchasing scores of sim cards I have finally found a solution for the most demanded item on any superyacht, fast uninterrupted internet. The ability to be able to roam between all the countries we visit on either side of the Atlantic for both data and voice with minimal and easily calculated expense.

Mark and his team at RoamingExpert were able to explain the costs and limitations in simple terms. They are conscious in letting me know if our monthly data usage is approaching limits set by myself and ensuring that we get the best deal regardless of excessive data usage. On the rare occasion that I have had a connection problem I have called and spoken directly with the technical team who have rapidly checked global network issues and quickly found a way to get us back online. The ability to pool our data package across all of our sim cards allows me to work away from the yacht with ease.

Considering the importance placed on having reliable communications by yacht owner’s, guests and crew alike, the choice to trust RoamingExpert with the entire package for me is simple.”
D.Duke aka Shreda
Captain – S/Y Twilight

“Since switching to RoamingExpert’s service we have only had a pleasurable experience, fast internet speeds and the freedom of international roaming signals. Their product has been very helpful in providing high speed internet to the Owners, Crew and Charterers of Majestic outside of our normal V-sat service.

Thank you for your service and support, we look forward to utilizing your company’s products in the future.”
Engineering Team
M/Y Majestic

For more information on our service and the roaming solutions we provide you can call +44 (0) 3300 555 777 or email

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