In addition to our market leading data packages and permanent roaming voice and data plans, we can also supply, setup and manage a variety of hardware packages. These range from large, multi sim bonding solutions and managed systems to smaller single sim router and antenna packages.

Get in touch with one of our experienced technical team to discuss your requirements. More details of the systems we offer are outlined below however, please note, we can customise all hardware packages to suit almost any specification.


RoamingExpert are a Pepwave Authorised Reseller with a team who are Pepwave accredited Specialists. Experts in the Pepwave marine centric family of routers, we get some of the best Pepwave prices in Europe. Our best selling models are outlined below but we can source any Pepwave item required. 


As a Pepwave SpeedFusion specialist we can setup and support any of your SpeedFusion bonding requirements, including WAN Smoothing and FEC. Using our UK data centre we provide clean, UK, publicly accessible, IPv4 IP addresses which are guaranteed not to be blocked by your favourite streaming sites. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

MBX (Two and Four Modem) MAX HD2 Dome MAX Transit Duo (Cat-12)
MAX Transit 5G MAX BR1 MK2 SIM Injector


Our own antennas are custom made in the UK and provide the ultimate 4G connectivity option. 5G models are currently in the final stage of testing and will cover all the Sub-6 5G frequencies.
As the official UK marine stockist of Poynting antennas, RoamingExpert can provide great value solutions for any LTE, WiFi or GPS requirements.

Managed Systems 

We are also a communications partner with CELLweaver and K4 Mobility who provide fully managed systems. A brief outline of their products and links are shown below.

A dedicated 4G solution, the CELLweaver SC combines up to four data SIM cards per unit to deliver exceptional bandwidth for high intensity users.
This simple yet clever router is ideal for use in coastal waters, where given suitable mobile network coverage, it can deliver bandwidth considerably greater than VSAT and at a substantially lower cost. In combination with a managed service you can securely access all you need (e.g. streaming services) wherever you are.


K4 Mobility
K4 is a different and modern maritime internet provider. We offer a great customer experience with improved internet speeds at a lower cost and flexible contracts. Upgrade or downgrade your service any time with just a few clicks using K4 Mobile App. Our software intelligently selects the best networks to use at any given time and location. Our integrated hardware, software and service makes the installation and management simple, reliable and powerful. 

To discuss your hardware requirements and pricing, please get in touch.

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